The Perfect Mother

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    What would you do if the love you felt for your child was turned against you?

When Catriona’s eight-year-old daughter falls ill, she does everything in her power to make her well again, only to find that the doctors suspect her of causing the illness herself.

“Margaret Leroy writes like a dream. (The Perfect Mother) is a thriller, a reflection on the nature of parenting and a love story that is all the more moving because it is about the love between a mother and her child. Gripping, disturbing and moving, (The Perfect Mother) goes straight to the heart – nobody writes with more tenderness about the bond between parent and child than Margaret Leroy.”
Tony Parsons

My younger daughter had been ill for two years when I started to write The Perfect Mother. Like Catriona in the book, I was told by the local paediatrician that my daughter’s problem was psychological, and that I was a difficult mother because I kept interrupting and speaking for my child. That experience was the seed from which the book grew.

Published by Mira, London, in February 2010.
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