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"Psychiatrist Tessa Craig makes a dreadful mistake and then compounds it by having a torrid affair with the wrong man. Powerful and haunting."
Daily Mirror

"A moment of ambition put before absolute concern for a psychiatric patient somersaults Dr Tessa Craig's career prospects and throws her personal life into turmoil, as she grapples with perverse passion, the shallowness of her marriage and a disturbing empathy with the dead woman. Engrossing and affecting."

"It's always good to find a new author you like and with her new novel, Alysson's Shoes, Margaret Leroy is going to the top of my list. Tessa Craig is an ambitious psychiatrist with a fast-track career plan and a suitable, if less than sparkling, marriage to match. Then the unthinkable happens and Tessa's orderly life is thrown into disarray as she has to deal with guilt, public disgrace and a startling and dangerous life affair. A gripping novel which is ultimately life-enhancing."
Essex Chronicle

"Tessa Craig is an ambitious psychiatrist, whose comfortable life is changed utterly after she prematurely discharges a severely mentally ill patient. This error of judgment sets off a catastrophic chain of events. Former therapist Margaret Leroy's new novel is a dark and unsettling read."
Sunday Tribune, Dublin

"The insight into each person is excellent and by the end of the book one feels one knows every character personally. I couldn't put it down and would recommend it for individuals and book groups alike."

"Tessa seems almost too authentic at first; her life and thoughts barely rise above the middle-class mundane. But by placing this paragon of normality in the centre of an unfathomable catastrophe, Leroy creates a chilling sense of how one bad decision can turn even the most ordinary life into chaos, while her elegant, poetic writing softens the realism without lessening the impact of an intriguing tale."
City Life

"The compelling story of Tessa Craig, a psychiatrist who makes the wrong call, releasing a mentally ill patient who then fatally stabs a stranger: the Alysson of the title. Alysson's partner and family blame the doctor, her colleagues back away from her and she finds herself enmeshed in the legal, insurance and career implications of her error. Understated and beautifully observed, Alysson's Shoes is a sad study of a life unravelled by circumstance."
Irish Independent

"This is a passionate novel that turns the classic murder story on its head by providing diverse viewpoints. As the author weaves a web of deceit that traps all the characters, the pitch becomes gripping and intense."
Good Housekeeping

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